Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll?

This certificate is designed to meet the needs of 3 categories of special event producers:

  • Those who are completely new to special event production and need a basic understanding of the process.
  • Those who are currently working on special events (either full time or as part of other job responsibilities) and wish to develop new skills and problem-solving techniques.
  • Those who are already successful practitioners in the field but are seeking specialized information and advanced insights into special event production.

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What is the capstone project?

Students in the Emory Event Planning program will be required to complete a capstone project prior to receiving their certificate. Put everything you leaned to practice to create a virtual event. You'll be given a budget and clear objectives and everything you need to work out the details for the event. You'll design the invitation/marketing pieces, layout the event space, select a venue,  choose menus and rental items, construct the spoken program flow, create the event timeline, and more. Just like in the real world, you'll be thrown a few curveballs along the way, testing your ability to adapt to change. This body of work will serve as a virtual portfolio, demonstrating your capacity to produce events and understanding of event budgeting, logistics, and effective planning.

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What are the technological requirements?

Students must have high speed internet access and a dial-up connection will not be sufficient.  External speakers and a USB microphone are highly recommended with a headset preferred. The most current version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is recommended.  

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What is the attendance policy?

To complete the certificate program, students must:

  • Complete all course work satisfactorily
  • Attend the one day workshop  
  • Attend online instructor led sessions
  • Review recorded content and participate in Blackboard discussions. 

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When will I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate upon successful completion of the capstone project and all  other required content. Please email to request a certificate.

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