Certificate Requirements

Students must complete all requirements listed below to receive an Emory Internet Marketing Certificate.

  • Three core classes;
Introduction to Web Design and Development: Workflow that works HTML & CSS Dreamweaver Level 1: Introduction
  • Approximately 100 hours of classroom time;
  • Internet Marketing Certificate students must pass the following exams with a minimum score of 75%:
    • Introduction to Web Design and Development,
    • HTML & CSS,
    • Dreamweaver Level 1: Introduction;
  • By taking and passing appropriate Blackboard assessments, candidates may "test out" of up to two core courses in the program. Candidates choosing to "test out" of core requirements must take additional electives to satisfy the hourly requirements. Candidates may not "test out" of the track courses;
  • Candidates must receive a passing score of 70% in the Web Capstone course during which they complete an approved website project demonstrating the ability to apply professional techniques;
  • Candidates may select one or more tracks and complete all noted courses to complete the required courses for that track;
  • Candidates must complete and receive a passing score in the Capstone course. During this course, students will complete a professional website project and be evaluated on their work.