This program is offered in partnership with Dalton Education, a leading provider of innovative online education.

Social Media Professional Certificate

The Social Media Professional Certificate is comprised of two courses designed to help students understand Social Media and utilize its full potential:

  • Understanding Social Media (six weeks to complete)
  • Planning & Implementing Digital Media Campaigns (six weeks to complete)

Topics covered in these courses include:

  • What is Social Media and Why it Matters
  • Guiding Principles for Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding Social Objects, Paid Media, Earned Media, Own Media, and Content Curation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Traditional Search, Real-Time Search, and Social Search
  • Social Media Legal and Ethics
  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Understanding Technographics and Social Media Maturity
  • Identifying and Building Your Tribe
  • Content Creation and Calendaring
  • Engaging with the Community
  • Leading and Supporting the Community
  • Creating Brand Evangelists
  • Social Media Campaign Monitoring
  • Monitoring for Campaign Effectiveness
  • Monitoring to Manage Reputation
  • Social Media Time and Project Management
  • Social Media Publish Tools
  • Creating a Social Media Project Plan
  • Case Studies

Tuition: $1,499.

There are 30 contact hours for each course in the first certificate.

Social Media Strategist Certificate

The Social Media Strategist Certificate Program is comprised of four courses designed to help students understand social media and utilize its full potential. The course titles included in this program are:

  • Social Media Strategy Fundamentals (six weeks to complete)
  • Developing a Social Strategy (six weeks to complete)
  • Organizational Development (six weeks to complete)
  • Social Media Measurement & Analytics (six weeks to complete)

Topics covered in these courses include:

  • The Social Sales Cycle
  • Social Sharing Sites
  • Blogs, SEO, Landing Pages, and Email Marketing
  • Moving consumers through the sales cycle
  • Five components of a social media strategy
  • Measuring and communicating ROI
  • Understanding your company’s mission, vision, and values
  • The SMART goals framework,
  • Aligning your goals with your business objectives
  • Acquiring executive support
  • Understanding communities
  • The purpose of personas and creating personas
  • Identifying key conversation themes
  • Understanding content types and the buyers journey
  • Keywords and hashtags
  • Selecting the right format for your content
  • Finding influencers to spread your content
  • Blogger engagement programs
  • Paid campaigns
  • Governance and process
  • Internal readiness plans
  • Social organizational and maturity models
  • Social media center of excellence
  • Social media team responsibilities
  • Structuring your social media team
  • Social organizational models
  • Internal training programs
  • Understanding big data
  • Data integration challenges
  • Social listening platforms
  • Understanding text analysis
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Social media dashboards
  • CRM applications
  • The Cloud
  • Social Platforms

Tuition: $2,499.

There are 30 contact hours for each course in the second certificate.