In order to earn the Au Pair Enrichment Certificate, au pairs enrolled in the program must complete 80 hours of coursework, worth 8 CEUs. 1 CEU is equivalent to 10 classroom hours. Students will earn 6 CEUs by completing the Au Pair ESL course. Students will earn the remaining 2 CEUs by completing elective courses.

Please note: CEU requirements may vary depending upon your Au Pair Agency. We highly recommend you confirm the amount of required CEUs directly with your agency.

Au Pair ESL

The newly expanded Au Pair Enrichment core class offers the 6 CEUs that au pairs need in order to fulfill the education component required by the U.S. Department of State.* Our program is designed specifically for Au Pairs who are looking to improve their English skills while learning about the American culture.

The core class includes 3 parts:

  • 20 hours divided into 8 class sessions
  • 20 hours of instructor-directed study and assignments directly related to in-class topics
  • 20 hours of text-guided, independent study over 8 weeks directly following the in-class sessions

Learning Outcomes

  • Write and speak more confidently with native speakers using correct grammar and usage;
  • Read aloud with more fluency and with improved comprehension;
  • Expand social networks through interaction with other au pairs from the program;
  • Share in the celebrations of American host families with a greater knowledge of American holidays and traditions.

Class work is conducted in whole group and small group settings. Course materials are used during class time -- as well as at home -- to prepare for class discussion. Homework includes reading chapters in the text as well as writing on assigned topics, and grammar review activities.

A complete orientation to this platform is provided in the first class session; the electronic platform known as CANVAS is used to submit written assignments. A children's literature book is used for reading practice, vocabulary building, cultural understanding and exposure to children's world literature. Class will culminate with an oral presentation of a story of the participant's choice.

* Au Pairs are advised to check with their respective agencies to clarify and confirm specific requirements.

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Students must complete 20 or more elective hours to meet the requirement of 2 CEUs. Electives may be taken before, during or after the Au Pair ESL course.