Directions to Kyudo location

Bi Toku Kyudo Kai, Inc.
Beauty & Virtue Kyudo Study Group, Inc.
3965 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30345 USA
Phone: 404 / 320-1012 FAX: 404 / 320-3465

Realizing Beauty and Virtue Through Kyudo

Edwin C. Symmes, Jr.
Renshi Godan
President & Chief Instructor


Kyudo practice is at 3965 Briarcliff Road.

One way to get there from the Emory area is to take Briarcliff Road northeast for some 6 miles. Pass Clairmont Road, pass Lakeside High School on the right. Pass Echo Lake on the left. There is a stop light just past Lakeside High School, at the bottom of the hill which is also across from Echo Lake at Briarlake Road. From that light, continue on Briarcliff and turn into the third driveway on the right. It is just before the yellowish brick mailbox holder in the following section of the directions. Proceed as described below.

Second choice: Shallowford Road dead ends into Briarcliff 3/10 of a mile past 3965 Briarcliff Road. If you take the Shallowford exit from I-85 northbound, turn right. Go to the dead end. Turn right. Between 2/10 and 3/10 of a mile on the left you will see a yellowish brick mailbox holder with three mailboxes across the top and one in the bottom center. Turn into the driveway immediately beside the yellowish brick mailbox holder. It has some red and blue reflectors around it. Go past the house on the street (locally known as the Castle House), past the brown house on the right and across the concrete slab bridge. Then the driveway will turn left and start going up hill. Be very careful, the rains have washed huge gullies out of the driveway. Park on the left side just before you come to the house on the left that is painted green. There is a widened area for parking. Please park perpendicular to the driveway. There is some bamboo in large green containers beside the driveway which also flank the telephone pole. The house number – 3965 -is on the telephone pole. That is where we will have Kyudo practice. The driveway continues past one more house on the left, where it deadends. If you wish to turn around, it is easy to do at the deadend.

If coming from I-285 on the East side of town, you can take the LaVista Road exit. Go inside I-285. Take the right fork in the road for Briarcliff Road at Northlake Mall and proceed on Briarcliff until you pass where Shallowford Road deadends into it from the right. Then proceed as above.

Yours in Kyudo,

Ed Symmes
Office phone 404/320-1012
Cell Phone 404/932-1165